Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bitch Stop Callin Me

So new boo is no mo lol.

As i spoke about in my last few posts id been seeing someone new and was ohhhh so excited. Things were going well until that oh so enlightening night.

It started as one of those calls on my way home where i would check in with my future, who id been datinig for about 5 months or so, and catch up on the days events and see what was what. We talked about any and everything, it was the sound of the voice that mattered more than the subject... or so i thought.

So i had a good day, got my car washed (yall dont know how i am about my car; when my ride is dirty theres a storm coming or going any other time she sparkles lol)and I have a nice lil slow mix cd i made playin softly in the background. So were talkin and talkin and you know the rule 'Dont ask what you dont want the answer to' and then i asked "Baby when was the last time you had sex?" and baby replies with a chuckle and a slight gasp, one of those where you been caught off guard. So im like awwww shit this is gonna be good *mutes the radio* and i begin to listen because i know whatever baby is about to tell me at that point is going to be entertaining. "Ahmmm you really want to know the truth to that?" And im like "Hell yeah I want to know"..."Umm like 2 weeks ago"...I think i swerved in my lane a lil bit and then respond "Ok, i really appreciate your being honest with me, it means a lot to me." A moment of silence passes as who i thought was my future is thinking of a way to clean up or justify the actions all the while i am driving down the road ejecting the slow jam cd and inserting the Trina - Still Da Baddest album. What track did i go to you might ask, I'm Single Again...back on the prowl lol. After my song cues up with the intro i kindly say "well im going to take some time to myself now, have a good evening and we'll speak later...at some point". "Baby can we talk about this and let me explain?" "I said at some point we will talk, goodnight"

Why is it that folks expect it to be ok for them to do them but then when they slip up youre supposed to be the desperate one who will turn the other cheek and let that ride?

NAWWWW not me. My self-worth is extreme and i couldnt let that one slide. Now youre questioning why im being distant and not calling like i used to. If you cant figure that out then its best that i let ya go now because you are not as smart as i thought you were to begin with.

Anybody had an experience like this?

What did you do?

Did you think about what to do for a few days first?

Would you give a second chance? Third?

Its been a few weeks and we talked, i said my part. Im cool on baby boy. Our paths have crossed a few times since and im always cordial and greet with a hug but my emotions are now void. Am i wrong? Baby boy keeps callin and texting liek things are the same but they are not.

What would yall do?


fuzzy said...

If he's texting like he wants to be cool with you I don't see a problem with that. If he is textin like I still want you to be my boo boo then you should straighten this out quickly!

Voice of Reason said...

HMMM...seems that you guys lacked some communications. You were on two different levels. Apparently you were "dating" and he was still in the "talking" stage where he could still sleep around. I would not look at it as a bad thing but a miscommunication thing. Did you all ever discuss where you were with the relationship? Do you miss him?

life said...

Exactly what you are doing...keeping it moving

B Free said...

Fuzzy: We've been texting and all is fine on the friend front. We had that official talk where i expressed that I was no longer interested in pursuing a romantic union with him. So they say all is well that ends well.

V.O.R.: We had many conversations about our situation in fact. Some of them could be misunderstood in translation. But i think time played a big part as well. Common Law Marriage is 6 months. If the court makes it a law then there must be some sort of trend. We were almost to 6 lol. I should probably go and ask for half LOL LOL

Life: That is exactly what im doing. Ciara said it best "Erytime he call, I come. But its time I think about me; and what I need. Tonight im doin me, and imma have fun!"

Gary T. P. said...

Damn shame...you know I rootin for ole boy too...You shoulda put in Rihanna's " breakin Dishes" Like my nana would say, " sorry sucka". Do what you been doin, he done lost out...