Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Growing Up

So i keep falling off LOL but im tryin!!

I had a birthday at the end of March and im at that prime age of 26. Young enough to know the right car to buy yet grown enough not to put rims on it!!! LOL just to catch yall up on whats been going on in a few words beore bed.

Birthday Party at a lounge in Midtown ATL ~

I was surrounded by my closest friends and i had a blast. I learned that each year my age gets higher, so does my alcohol tolerance. My peeps had me tore up and i was still goin. I was so happy to have my mom come and join me for the festivities and now many see where i get such great skin and good looks from lol.

John Doe ~

So after having his name withheld for so long i took matters into my own hand. Through due diligence, i got the information that id been so patiently waiting on. The only thing is i didnt get it form him, i had to work my inspector gadget abilities. But the thing is after i got his real name, i still just wanted him to tell it to me. It was like the next step for us to grow that he so sincerely resisted. So i told him i knew, he got mad, and then i dont remember what else he said because i more or less just tuned him out. I realized that as hard as i tried, it just wasnt the right season for him. We agreed to be friends but then he said he couldnt just be my friend so....no further contact withhim. Its a lil different ending than im used to but thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Upcoming News ~

I was thinking about leaving my company and i think they could sense it. In the midst of my search for a new position they hit me with the "P" word. Yup im in the beginning stages of a promotion os thats new and exciting. Im not sure what is to come but im excited nonetheless.

One of my best friends, who introduced me to Boo, is being deployed to Iraq to fight in this war over some shit that aint even ours. I've been feelin some kinda way about that lately. Just over a year left and he'll be back home!!! Im already planning the next party. Im not usually a super emotional guy. The last time i cried was in 2003 and the time before that was in 1999. This weekend i hosted friends at my house for a BBQ and farewell party and in trying to tell my bestfriend/brother how i felt i started crying. It was somethin else and having a room full of people starin at you while you got tears runnin down your face is not fun lol. I'll get through it, we'll get through it. I cant wait till 2009 summer when my buddy gets back home!!

Im currently dating a new gentleman so thats really cool. Things are going well. Very VERY slow and i kinda like it. Its a new way of doin things, takes a lil adjusting but its worth it for sure. This feels like the one!

Im heading to Miami (what?! the trip was planned before i met him!) for Memorial Day. Im not sure how to feel. All the temptation will be there but im in a deep like right now with Boo! We dont wanna mess this up so yall pray for me puhlease.

This concludes the updates of whats goin on in my world! See you all around!


B Free


life said...

you finally speak

congrats on the upcoming promotion

Good! The nameless dude is gone. I've never heard of something like that before.

Congrats on the new guy!

Saying goodbye is always hard

fuzzy said...

lol @ life!!!

Glad to hear that things are going well and Good luck with the new guy you are talking to. Sorry to hear about your friend and the conditions of his departure. One day our government will stop picking fights with ppl over things that are none of our business!

Gary T. P. said...

Your mama is FANDAMNTASTIC!!!! And see, I told you it was gon be emotional when I started to get teary reading the evite to the BBQ.Lets send a package!! And boooo to John Doe,aint nobody got time for all that circus. ( I ain't nothin about miami )

thegayte-keeper said...


Anonymous said...

Seems like everyone is headed to Maimi for Memorial Day. I hope my plans to go workout.

YellaBoy said...

We will be just fine brother. Nothing ntot even thousands of miles can cime between the bond that we have formed. Like I said before we will always be brothers and BFF's that is no question. All OF us. I love you boy. AND I am glad that you and you know who are on a good path.

fuzzy said...

Hope things are still going well for you!