Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Monday, January 22, 2007

Mr. Representative

Wondering if anyone can relate.... Ever notice how when you meet someone as a potential partner things seem to go so smooth. Ole boy or girl will be on their best behavior and everything seems perfect. Then you start getting those thoughts like wow this has a lot of potential. Could it be what ive waited so long to find? You start to think of all the possibilities, vacations to take, valentines day celebrations and where to take that special someone. What should i buy for their birthday? You accept the fact that you have entered the beginning stages of catching feelings. It feels great, each new relationship always feeling better than the last one. Then BAM, the Representative for that "special someone" resigns from the position. Now you meet the real person. You begin to wonder, is this the real you? Where is all this inconsistency coming from? How long have you been like this? What changed that made ya flip mode like that? Can we bring back Mr. representative? Cause that was the one that i was feelin. Im not all about this new shit goin on!! Kinda like havin buyers remorse lol. So you had a nice lil person you were kickin it with but u thought you found the next best thing so you traded tha old one in for the new shiny one lol. Then you start to think about all you had invested in the last one and how you put your work in to keep things running smooth. The beginnings of second guessing come and this new new doesnt seem like it was a great investment. Fuck i shoulda kept my receipt cause i woulda taken this shit right on back. Awwww shit i just realized somethin. Momma aint raise no fool! She says to me "Baby, never put all your eggs in one basket until you have a chicken or two" Translation......I didnt delete the previous from my life, i maintained communication so im gonna endthis blog and make me a phone call. Talk to you all soon....B Free its not just representative of my name, its how i choose to live! Holla!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Date...........The Other 4 Letter Word

Just sitting here and started thinkin about how people go about dating. Thinking about the way it is when you date I started to wonder why, if you are kickin it with someone you're really into, would you continue to entertain other options to date. Does this mean that there is an insecurity of some kind and that you are simply preparing for the breakup as u simultaneously prepare for the hookup? If you sit down and name all of the qualities you look for in a partner and u meet someone who may possess say....90 percent of those qualities then why the hell don't u take it and run wit it. I know that everyone isn't for everybody but in that case why string people along? These when its convenient relationships drive me fuckin crazy. AAAHHHHH whew had to exhale lol. I know I'm a good dude, driven, sexy as hell not to mention the fact that I taste just like an Aries but I'm still single. Yall gotta give me some feedback on this one. Tell me how you are when you date and, why you think you date the way you do. I'm chillin over here mad confused, single oh yea and currently dating lol. I guess I'm a little confused on this so I look forward to the responses on this dating mumbo jumbo.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Alphabet Soup

Every now and then i get caught in this zone of emotions. I often wonder when i will meet the love of my life, the uptempo to my heartbeat, the beat behind my track. LOL dont ask. But this is just something i wrote to release a little frustration about where ive been and where im trying to go. Not directed at or about anyone specific just an outburst if you will. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. So here it goes

Intuitive, Intellectual, Innovative, Invigorating..... Just a few of the I's that I possess. With qualities like these why is it that so many seem to look towards me for my L's: My Legs, my Lips, my Lust, but not my Love, my Life experiences, my Loyalty. Just some things that make me wonder. The extremities of this nature that we get so caught up in a sexual fantasy which typically only satisfies for a particular time frame that we dont take the time to get to know. What happened to bowling, an evening walk in the park? Seems like these days tricks want some good dick and a goodbye. Complex or is it? Complex because its so hard to figure out yet not so complex because the sex is simplistic...in the general sense of the word anyway. So what do i do, subject myself to meaningless hookups, or do i continue to be the one with the C's: Communication, Charm, Confidence, and Charisma? Ill take my C's and run wit em cause after that nut all i got is me, feel me? Guess just somethin that was on my mind. Who knew that having morals made life so difficult? Damn shame that i know what im worth, do u know?

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The End of That Relationship

Exactly a year ago i was introduced to this fine new brotha. Seemed like it was the beginning of what i thought was too good to be true. His name, 2006. Spent many good times together but some of that time i coulda have gone without dealing with. Like any new relationship, you expect ups and downs but its what you get from it that makes things better. Last night our relationship ended because I met 2007 in downtown Atlanta. Cant wait to dive into this relationship. I love life and love livin and yes there's a difference. Wasn't really sure what to write about but this is in fact my first attempt at the blog world officially. Let me introduce you to my friend 2007. Im ready, are you?