Wednesday, July 25, 2007

That Car Had To Go

As many of you who know me personally are aware, im a car hoe! Clarification: i love cars, yet i am not attracted to people for what they drive. SInce i was a little boy i have always had a huge interest in the automotive world. I enjoy working on cars, accesorizing them (of course lol), driving them, listening to them etc. So as you go through some of my blogs you may find some comparisons of people to a car or a feeling i get from cars etc. For example, go back and reread how i spoke in my "Mr. Representative" blog. Now that thats out of the way.....

Thinking about this dating world i compare it to my pursuit of finding the perfect car for me. I recently turned in a 4 month rental i had. I picked it up around earlier in the year just after the holidays. I was feeling good with my new ride, smile on my face, paying much attention to detail, style, and the attention i was getting. The car was on point yall! Curves in all the right places, some aggressiveness under the hood when the pedal was pushed to the floor. Not too flashy yet stylish, had a lot goin on, many buttons to push and i was getting familiar with most of them and knew just when to push them. There was a lot put into this creation no doubt but definitely not more than i could handle, after all i am a car guy!

So i was droppin money here and there and the ride was takin care of me as well, i was happy, comfortable and felt secure. The problem with the ride was there were some mechanics of the car that werent quite normal. You see i like comfort and luxury on my side, not uber-materialistic i just like the availability, call it the norm for me, just what i've grown accustomed to having.

I dont know what it is about me and these cars but i have some crazy ass luck. I always roll with a AAA membership in hand for the just in case. 2 months into things my ride was showing the check engine light, took it in, talked to the mechanic and we were back on the road cruisin. Then theres this noise, flat tire. Give AAA a call we get the car home, new tire the next day but the tire isnt the problem. Something about this car just isnt right anymore. It hesitates, moves slow, malfunctions. I had to grab the keys and go on in and upgrade! Good luck to the next guy who gets that car.

Next time im gettin me a Certified One. Fewer problems for me to deal with!

Peace and stay Blessed


B Free


Valentino said...

I hear that ! Maybe I should do the same...

life said...

oh no...we had high hopes for that car. Darn!!!