Monday, March 5, 2007

Opportunity Knocks..... Who Should Walk In?

SO i had dinner with a few friends and my mother a nice italian feast. My mom is delighted to meet a few friends and begins telling many of my childhood stories and how she's watched me grow into a man.

Well after graduating From College and moving back to GA i was presented with an opportunity to enter into the world of Entrepreneurism. As my closest friends know, i don't work a 9 - 5 at all. Sometimes i think about doing it to get myself out the house and kepe myself busy but other times i just sorta pass that idea right on by. My hunger for finding a new job isnt great because this business opportunity, let's just say idont have to ask for money. It is Relationship Marketing, so the catch is some people have had bad experiences with this type of business. As a recent college grad iw as all about trying something to make a decent income with a low investment. As i was told at dinner, i was being stingy because i was not necessarily marketing this opportunty to my close friends. Stingy because i was receiving a decent amount of money and not sharing the information with my friends as to how they can be involved. I guess i just don't want to come across to my friends as B - the sales guy. Id rather have my friends wanna hang wit me without the expectation that im gonna push them into business. So now i feel like it is my position to share the business with those interested but without any pressure. It has been brought to light that this is what i should do. For those of you who asked about it you may go to and view the presentation. But my reason for posting this blog is to pose this simple question. If you have a great opportunity in front of you whether it be for business, amusement, a date that could be a atch for you and your best friend, or a contest like American Idol, do you feel its best to share the opportunity with everyone or do you quietly sign up and do your own thing?


Cocoa Rican said...

If you’re a confident person who loves what he’s doing, you share it with those you love. No one will take, interfere with or hinder what is destined to be yours. Sharing it may prove that you are just better at some things than those around you without showing you as a vulnerable coward that succeeds by default – simply because others didn’t have a shot at it. Conversely, if it’s a bag of cash lying on the side of the road, you don’t point it out to everyone around you before dashing out to get it. Do you…but do you with confidence.

That Dude Right There said...

I think that you should share it if you feel that they may be interested.

But now you have me looking into this opportunity.