Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm A Grown Ass Man and I Feel Great!!

Flying 36000 miles in the sky Delta Flight 723 nonstop from Atlanta to Las Vegas. Sitting to my left is one of the best friends I've ever had. To my right I sit next to another one of the closest friends I've ever had. My flight scheduled to touch down at 8:41pm Vegas time where 2 more of my closest friends will meet me. The occasion.... The celebration of my 25th Birthday and G's big 3-0. I think about the occasion and am flooded with so many different feelings: curiousity, love, joy,happiness all while being deep in thought.

I'm curious as to what the next year of my life will be like. Filled with the love I have from the worlds best mother, the best brother I could ever ask for, a sea of friends who truly love me for me and who want nothing more than for me to be myself. Joy because 2 of my friends whom I don't get to see as often as I'd like will join me for my 25th and lemme tell u whenever we see each other we're guaranteed good laughs, many smiles and lots of jokes. Happiness because I truly realize how blessed I am. Blessed to have the circle of friends I have and family, my family life is one that people could only dream of. Deep in thought because my path has crossed with someone's who has changed my thought process on dating. We'll call him Secret Lover like the song lol.

I don't know where we will go and I'm in no rush to get there because I truly enjoy the current happenings. Mr.......You've taught me soo much in such little time and at times its hard for me to verbalize my thoughts....maybe its a fear of mine to let my feelings out, fear of coming off tooo strong? I truly value you as a person as we continue to build this friendship. Who knew a man of such stature, with a personality so dynamic, a touch that invigorates my mind, body, and soul, and the passion in your life and drive for self improvement, again I ask......who knew that someone like this could be a part of my life? The idea of that is appealing to me to say the least. My Ipod is playing and im listening to the new album by Musiq Soulchild the song titled Ridiculous through and the song is so fitting. So when Secret Lover reads this I would only hope that he will listen to the song, it speaks volumes so just let me know if you don't have the album ;) . Ooooh I can't wait till this Plane lands I'm gonna call my mom, and my brother to let them know that I'm safe then dial up Secret Lover and have our goodnight conversation as we've had since the night we exchanged #'s. Just some thoughts that I wanted to get off my chest before I hit these slots....yippee!! OUCH, WHEW, DAYUM! Lol....Texting a whole blog on the Treo makes your thumbs hurt a lil bit so I'm signing off for now. Love you all, be blessed and be safe.

Always B Free


ReddMann said...

happy belated bday

life said...

I plan to celebrate real BIG for my 25th b-day. I'm glad you enjoyed yours.