Friday, February 27, 2009

Where's Waldo?

The journey continued.....

So things were going well...and after quite a few weeks of spending quality time, disaster strikes. I dont know why it worked out this way but it is what it is. I find myself thinking a lot about how our situation wrapped up. A dinner that was fit for Kings, a great movie, and a warm embrace then sealed with a kiss. Thats how our last evening went. We spoke later that evening and all seemed well. We did our good morning hellos and all seemed well then....shit i dont know what happened either. I made a call, few hours later I sent a text, few hours later another call and now im looking around like Where's Waldo? We didnt have an argument, i didn't Chris Brown you, so WTF is the issue? My lil shorty has disappeared... I have not been one to wish bad on people but the only scenario that would truly validate this disappearance is death or dismemberment so u cant text lol. Its weird, very weird.

I find myself wondering why these cats always talkin about this idea of the king they want in their life and then when they get it, they arent ready for it. But ive come to know this game all too well.

This is the step by step way it usually plays:
1) He fucks up in some way, shape, or form
2) Time will pass and he will realize how good he had it
3) A little more time will pass as he gobbles up that humble pie and swallows his pride
4) My phone will ring and i will answer to hear the voice on the other end eventually saying something about "I've missed you" "you just ran across my mind" "I was wondering what you've been up to" etc
5) I will answer to all those statements oh ive been well, life is great etc etc
6) We will hang up the phone
7) A text comes in "i'd love to start over"
8) Then I become the bad guy because im not a fan of second chances. I think its an Aries thing. Maybe I really do move on too fast. Oh well lol

So I am going to start selling T-shirts and button downs only for sale to the brothas who are ready for something serious. So they will be identifiable and I can move forward lol. Submit your size requests here for pre-orders


life said...

I have a post exactly like this one. These dude blow me

thegayte-keeper said...

don't let him put his insecurities on you...

Brandon said...
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B Free said...

Life: Yeah man, this shit is real crazy lol

Gayte: Nah the insecurities are not welcomed in this house lol. Justc onfusing though.

Troy N. said...

hoping for the brooks brothers non iron luxury fit for those special moments..

UrSoVain said...

Lol i wear a size small..

B Free said...

Troy: LOL we have them in Blue, Black and White...let me know

UrSoVain: Did you want that in a T-shirt or button down?