Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dating dot dot dot

My mind is just out there right now.

It seems like when im doin my single thing that the good ones are hard to find. You just do you and think that maybe you'll run across a catch and no luck. Then all of a sudden you do find one and its like all the others come out of hiding and flock to you.

I've been consistently dating someone for about 5 months or so and all has been going well. But in these past 5 months about 5 people have pursued me. And im not talkin about on no physical lets get it crackin type thing but on some, i wanna make you mine, husband, boo-ed up type stuff. It's flattering to an extent but then i know what im worth so thats how it should be anyway when they are trying to get at me. Should i expect that for every month that goes on that another will add themselves to my list, like month 6 there will be 6 month 7 there will be 7 and so on?

OMG its crazy!!

How does this dating thing work? If you are dating one particular person for a certain amount of time but there has been no discussion of exclusivity, do you continue to entertain the others? You cant assume that the other is all about you cause we know what it means to Assume lol. Do you "put all your eggs in one basket"? How the hell is this dating thing supposed to work?

Im an Aries, i need attention. Not overly but i require to be admired lol. Not always physical but i need that affirmation. its weird but so what lol. What should i do? What would you do? What would Oprah do?

Call me Confused Calvin cause i dont know lol.