Sunday, January 13, 2008

John Doe

Good Day!
Happy new Year!

I certainly hope that 2008 is off to a good start for you as it has been an interesting one for me. I took a break from the blog world but i am back. I decided that with my current social life the rejoining of the blog world is definitely in order. As you read my posts please feel free to comment, I love the ideas you all have and are willing to share.

So early December i met a young man who seemed to possess many of the qualities i like in a mate. Affectionate, playful, attractive, well spoken, movie lover just to name a few. For the purpose of this story were going to call him John Doe. John has these mysterious eyes and often times when were together I will catch him with this look of deep thought and then i give the ole "hey what you thinkin about over there?" his response is NOTHING! So your face is lookin like that and u arent thinkin about anything, not even how much laundry you gotta do or what you should have for dinner? Just absolutely nothing right, i doubt it. So were talking/dating whatever it is were doing and let me back up. Upon meeting i introduced myself by name and he introduced himself to me with some initials. You know the "hey wassup, im J.R." bullshit. So for a first meeting thats all fine and dandy. We've been on at least 10 dates and so i get to thinkin about this. I know that your mother did not put no damn J.R. on your birth certificate and after 10 dates i feel entitled to know your real name. He swears that this is not something hes comfortable sharing but for me its like how the hell am i suppose to build a relationship and i dont even know who the hell im talking to. Its not a major in the sense of i want to address him by his government name but damn can i know it. To me it seems almost like he's hiding something from me, or as Corey said its like hes sayin i dont trust your ass. I feel like im getting to a point where this could potentially be a deal breaker for me. I feel like if the next time we go out and i dont end my night with a name other than John Doe or Cunti Joe lol then im gonna walk. And im talkin bout walk like Naomi Campbell does it and start on over. So whats a guy to do? What would you do? How do yall feel about a situation like this? Let ya boy know....

Feels Great To Be Back


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