Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Questions on the brain....Whats your opinion?

It seems like i keep falling off with these blogs but im going to try to get in at least one per month. But anyway.....

Thinking about dating and the relationship game, do you ever wonder what it takes to truly be successful?? What are some of the reasons you think people in our community cant seem to either enter a COMMITTED relationship or if in one, maintain it?

I've been thinkin about this a lot lately as ive come across some really great catches but not great for me. Let's see theres Rodeo, Philly, Bam Bam just to name a few. I think one of the biggest reasons relationships are so hard to maintain is because the community has too many fuckin criteria. Gotta be tall, gotta be short, gotta be dark, gotta be light complected. Gotta have a Lexus, gotta drive a truck what the fuck ever.

I think ive come to a point in my life where im ready to meet compatibility. Im not desperate by any means but i feel like these criteria are limiting the possibilities of excellent relationships. I wouldnt even say its a homosexual issue. Its a Black gay issue. Take some time to look at the community and seee for yourselves. White gays and lesbians start out with getting a dog together, then the car and onward and upward to purchasing cars and homes together. And here we are thinkin were doing it real big by gettin a $1200 a month apartment and having both our names on the lease. Lets see if ya make it through the end of the lease.

Am i the only one that feels this way? Im not saying go out and settle for the next best thing but maybe if we as a community focus on less of the stereotypical no fats no fems bullshit and work on building something maybe even just friendships you might get something good out the deal. Just a lil babbling from my mind.

Thats all for now....I'm gonna go have lunch with a bus-riding, short yellow man, from Memphis, TN and then were gonna go to the petstore and look at dogs before meeting with our real estate agent. LATA lol