Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Self Worth and Fine Wine

Like a fine wine gets better with time. Go ahead, spit your game rest assured this nikka neva lame. I do what I do because I can. Do u possess what it takes to make me your man? From the top of my fitted to the bottom of my timbs I hold what it takes to make ya body quiver from the center of your heart to the edge of each limb. Nah not just talkin, I practice what I preach, got mad love to give just let me teach. Who am I you ask? Might be the one for you. Invest a little time and see if it holds tru. Don't front like I'm a thug nah thas not my style. I'm da realest nigga out here jus look at my smile. I verbalize when I'm happy aware of when I'm sad. Trust its in ya best interest not to make me mad. Just one thing before I go. guess i'd better let u know. I'm lovin myself unconditionally, can you?